Quick Kit 2024 - CAD Design Files & Membership Tier

Quick Kit 2024 - CAD Design Files & Membership Tier

I have a few quick updates as we wrap up 2023:

First, I changed the subscriber tiers for doscher.com. The basic membership is now the STL membership, and has all the same access and pricing as before. I have removed the elite tier, and we now have the CAD membership tier- this level has the same access as the STL tier, but has access to the CAD files, which will usually be Fusion 360, but may occasionally be STEP files. This tier costs more than the STL tier, but if you don't want to recreate designs from an STL, this is the tier for you. Since you can import STL's into apps like Tinkercad anyway, STL is good for those who would like to save a few bucks.

I've also been porting over my designs into Fusion 360 and decided it's time to enter the next phase for sharing these designs. I have listed my 3mf Fusion 360 design files for sale over at shop.doscher.com. Pricing is simple:

  • There are no changes to STL access for STL members (formerly the basic membership)- you still get access to all my STL files for the term of your subscription. Those will be posted here on doscher.com.
  • For those who want to buy files directly instead of subscribing, those are available for purchase as always over at shop.doscher.com.
  • I am phasing out the Unibody designs- they will stay as STL files for download by paid members, or for purchase individually.
  • Each of the individual design files for Fusion 360 are available for purchase for $50 each. These are also licensed under Creative Commons as non-commercial.
  • For select Makers, I am also offering a design license for $1,000 that provides license to make any variation of the included designs, up to 1,000 units. Purchasers of these designs are not required to release their modifications under Creative Commons.
  • If you're interested in multiple CAD design files, the memberships are designed to be the best deal- keep in mind they are all released under the Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial license. If you're interested in licensing a design for your own product, just reach out to me directly and I'd be happy to discuss terms.

The redesigns are ever so slightly different since being designed in Fusion from scratch, so these aren't just STL's imported into Fusion. They also add fillets and chamfers, something missing from my previous releases. If you don't like these or want to adjust them, the Fusion 360 files are the ones for you. The original STL file versions will stay $3 for purchase each.

I am also launching a CAD Membership tier. The $30/year STL membership still gets you STL design files, but the CAD will get you Creative Commons Fusion 360 design files. That tier is live now and is $200/year- it gets you all the designs I am releasing today, but it also gets you the Fusion 360 design files published during the duration of your membership! It looks a bit funny on the site- since I am required to put in a monthly price- so you can do either $200/month or the much cheaper $200/year.

I'm happy to add that 100% of the proceeds of memberships have been put back into projects and tools this year- thanks to all of my supporters for helping us get going in 2023!