the OPEN frame mini

the OPEN frame mini

I’ve refined the Open Frame PC a bit after realizing the 1024x768 display wasn’t doing the Udoo Bolt’s Ryzen APU justice.  Instead of just modding a few parts, I’ve remade it as the “mini” version similar to other small form factor (SFF) desktops.  Let me give you a quick tour:

Laser Cut Steel Perforated Top

The top now sports a very industrial perforated steel top covering a Noctua fan below.  More on the fan in a bit, but the top bolts directly to the frame via M5 screws.  The carbon fiber frame uses threaded inserts, so the top can be removed/replaced repeatedly without the wear that pressure fitting has.

Manual fan speed controller

While you can plug the fan directly into the CPU fan header, the BIOS for the Udoo Bolt doesn’t support PID can control very well.  To remedy this for quiet operation, I added a speed controller in the rear on the bottom.  While you can turn the fan off, it’s just as easy to adjust the fan level to a more suitable speed without risking overheating.  Be careful with this, but if you’re doing standard tasks a quiet speed maintains cooling just fine.

GPIO in Front

Finally, I added my signature multi-pin connectors should you want some rugged connection options.  On the back they simply map to jumper pins, so you can remap them to whatever GPIO, I2C, etc. you want on the Udoo bolt.