3D Printed Brackets for the Level 1 Techs 2x PC 2x Monitor KVM

3D Printed Brackets for the Level 1 Techs 2x PC 2x Monitor KVM

Here's another quick post as I work through some utility prints here in the office. I previously posted a cage chassis for my newer 4 PC, 2 Monitor KVM switch. I have repurposed my older 2 PC version on the second workbench. I wanted a cage chassis for that KVM too, so here it is! This one is far simpler, but also significantly more rigid. You can check the member's post here for the STL files, or check out the series of KVM's from Level1Techs (not sponsored, just a fan).

Thank you to all my patrons who help support my builds! This one is pretty simple, but is really designed to be very functional while keeping the cyberpunk/retro-futuristic visuals I enjoy so much. Would you all like to see what the workshop looks like? Let me know and I can write something up after I clear off all the coffee cups. Time for the build!

The premise is simple, a "cage" for the KVM switch that allows for easy access to ports as well as holes for mounting to a desk. There are some cross-brace elements to this frame to help keep it very rigid- we don't want this flexing too much. I'm again using the Bambu Carbon Fiber PETG- mostly because the matte finish is amazing.

All sides are assembled using M4x10mm socket head screws. I decided to mount the KVM "upside down" so the ports face upwards. This is a build designed to randomly connect monitors and cables easily from the desk as needed- it's not a full time KVM since it's not my primary desk. There are 5 holes along the top of the back (that faces the desk) as well as 5 holes along the bottom of that same side for using a 1/4" or similar sized screw. You could use drywall screws in a pinch, but they may be too brittle.

Thanks for following along on this build! I will continue to share these smaller projects throughout the year. Thank you again for all your support!